Full Service Hometown Web Developer

We own several businesses. We are listed in most phonebooks and internet phone listings. Daily, we get calls from cold callers asking how they can help us with our marketing. About half of these are niche market web developers who promise to provide everything we need from their office in some far away land.

Their solution is usually a cookie cutter solution that allows us to change the menu and add some static pages to their solution. Their cost is usually in the neighborhood of $120/mo. Why would I pay $120/mo for something that was only done once?

Discover Data is not like that. We only charge about 4 bucks a month to cover reoccuring charges. And you only pay for the service you receive. You decide how much you want to spend to get your site up and running. You decide how much custom work you want done. You decide when and what you want updated. We know you are in charge and we want to give you just what you want without the high monthly fee. We have custom websites starting from $199.00

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